Know About Dandruff And Learn How to Eliminate It

Dandruff is a sign of unsightly white flakes of dead skin that are often visible in your hair and on your clothes. Many people had to deal with it. It is a widespread phenomenon and is neither lethal or contagious.  In just a few days, a dandruff sufferer can produce as many new cells as a healthy scalp produces in a whole month.

Dandruff is best to prevent as early as possible. Ignoring early signs can build-up a major problem in the long-run. The best method of reducing the dandruff is by using the world’s No. 1 anti-dandruff shampoo. It is designed to reduce or eliminate the cause of them all together.

 Know What Causes Dandruff

The naturally occurring microbe, Malassezia takes all-natural scalps oil that your skin makes. When it feeds your skin moisture, it forms oleic acid. This oleic acid act as an irritant and causes redness.

Some factors which cause dandruff are:

•Taking a Hot Water Shower

Hot water shower gets off natural oils from your hair resulting in the itchy scalp that is flaky and dry.

•Using Mild Shampoo

Mild shampoos do not thoroughly clean your scalp, it damages your skin and thus leading to dandruff.

•Excessive use of Hair Styling Products

Heat and styling products don’t directly cause dandruff, but they can damage your scalp and make the irritation appear worse. Using hair styling products like hair gels, waxes, mousses, and hairsprays can damage your hairs too.

•Sharing combs and hair brushes

Using comb/ hairbrush of a person having dandruff increases the risk of getting dandruff.

•Under-washing and over-washing

Under-washing and over-washing causes hair to fall as well as dandruff.

Symptoms Of Dandruff


 It is a clear sign of dandruff. They appear as your irritated scalp sheds skin cells faster than usual.  They build up into visible clumps known as flakes.

•Dry Scalp

Dandruff damages your skin natural moisture. It makes your skin feel dry. It allows essential moisture to leak out and makes your scalp feel dry and tight.


Dandruff cause redness to your skin. It is the early warning sign of dandruff.

How To Prevent Dandruff From Getting Worse

Dandruff is a naturally-occurring condition. The main cause of dandruff is always the same, but certain factors can exacerbate a problem or make it seem worse.

These may include seasonal factors such as summer and winter, external irritants like pollution and damage caused by our own.

•Heat and Dry

Too much hot and dry hair can dry out scalp and making it appear worse.


Studies have shown that stress might cause dandruff to appear even worse.


Pollutants in the atmosphere can damage the scalp and make hair rough. And with this, you get prone to dandruff.

While choosing an anti-dandruff shampoo, keep a few things in mind like what kind of hair you have. Selecting the best shampoo for your dandruff should not create any other problems. The best anti-dandruff shampoo Ketomacsuits every hair. It controls dandruff and works from the first use. It controls flakiness and removes itchiness. Above all, it is easy to apply and affordable.

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