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You must have used playstore to download the various application but sometimes you may have stuck in the situation where you weren’t able to find or to download an application or a game that is needed by you. For this, 9apps.install is a place where you can find any application or games that too for free of cost. The application and games in 9apps.install are categorized in such a wonderful manner that it provides a smooth user interface which helps you to find any application or games easily.

Requirements to run 9apps.install on your device

  • Size of application is 3.4MB
  • Application version is
  • You should be using android device 4.0+
  • File type is .apk

Steps to install 9apps.install to your device

  • Search for 9apps.install on your phone’s/tablet’s web browser.
  • Click on the first link which will be displayed to you on your browser.
  • Before downloading, go to settings on your android device, under Settings à Security à Device administrator à Turn on install application from unknown sources.
  • Go back to your browser and click on download.
  • Once downloaded, open it and click on install.
  • After installation is complete, open it and enjoy your 9apps.install.

Why choose 9apps.install over other software’s?

As the title of the article says, it is a hub of almost every application which you need frequently for your daily purposes. If you love to watch videos, you can download a video app, if you like to play games, there are a whole lot of games present and much more. One of the major benefits of using 9apps.install is you get everything in a single place in a user-friendly interface which is totally free from viruses and malware. Also, as applications downloaded from 9apps.install are safe to use it will not degrade your device’s performance, hence you can download numerous apps from it. Some applications which are downloaded from 9apps may charge in latter period but that too is one time and pocket-friendly. To enjoy full features of the application you must look out for a version or higher.The application is also free from server issues which means you will never find disconnection or lags while downloading any stuff from the 9apps store.

Features of 9apps.install

When you download an application from 9apps it is checked from the publisher leaving no malicious code in the application which makes applications safe to use. The application also supports not only one but 14 different languages. The application downloaded from 9apps is full android package file because of which you will also get regular updates of the downloaded applications from 9apps.

Not only limited to applications and games

Yes, the application is not limited to applications and games. You can several customized themes, wallpaper, songs, videos, and many more in the application.

Conclusion According to my verdict, if you are looking for a place where you can find your favorite applications and games and enjoy full features of it, you should go for 9apps at least once. The application is light in weight and sizes just 3.4MB which will not take much memory of your device keeping your device healthy for usage .

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